We Partner with You Every Step of the Way...

Expertise Informs Our Vision

Our expansive experience with complex institutional facilities and campuses allow us to bring value from project kick off through completion. Our knowledge of the unique needs of multiple facility types is extensive and informs our contribution to the project team.

Your Needs are Our Basis of Design

Communication is key to project success, and we engage our clients and project teams to understand the unique needs and parameters of every project. From there, we work with the team to prioritize goals and desired outcomes to contribute to a project that is successful on multiple levels.

We Stay Engaged

Relationships are everything to us. From our Principals to Project Engineers, we stay engaged with your project until successful completion—our job does not end with design. You can rely on us during any phase of the project and after project completion—that is how we’ve built trust with our clients for over 60 years.
From the big picture to the smallest details, Cator, Ruma & Associates partners with our clients on every project to balance first cost, operational costs, and system efficiency for the lifecycle of the building.





The Process

Let’s get the

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