Cheyenne, Wyoming | Laboratory, Government

State of Wyoming Combined Laboratory

$52 M | 110,000 SF

Cator, Ruma & Associates provided the mechanical, electrical, technology, and security systems design for a 110,000,000-square-foot facility containing State public health labs, state crime labs, training center, evidence storage, and data center. This facility included office/administrative spaces.

  • BSL-2/BSL-3, state-of-the-art energy management system



The mechanical systems are variable air volume type systems including the laboratory spaces.  The BSL-2 spaces have variable air volume operation during occupied and unoccupied modes of operation. Air pressurization is maintained by allowing supply air and exhaust air airflow tracking. The BSL-3 spaces have constant air volume operation at the lab required air flow rates during occupied modes of operation, and a low airflow rate for energy savings during unoccupied modes of operation.  In either case, air pressurization is maintained by allowing supply air and exhaust air airflow tracking.

The laboratory air systems are 100% outside air systems and are provided with hydronic type heat recovery and evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is provided on the supply air side of the system for direct evaporative cooling, as well as on the exhaust side of the system for indirect evaporative cooling. The evaporative cooling systems will be able to provide a high percentage, estimated at 90-95%, of the cooling requirements for the labs because of the favorable climate in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The project includes condensing type heating water boilers to provide high energy efficiency on the heating side of the mechanical systems. Variable frequency drives are provided for all fans and pumps that have variable flow for additional savings. All motors are specified as premium efficiency type.

A state-of-the-art energy management system and lighting control system is integrated with the State of Wyoming State Capital Campus building automation system. The lighting system throughout the office and conference room areas of the building uses highly efficient direct/indirect luminaries with electronic ballasts. Individual room controls will consist of either bi-level switching or of a fluorescent dimming system.

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