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Lakewood Justice Center Remodel

$1.2 M | 78,000 SF

Cator, Ruma & Associates was selected to provide mechanical and electrical design and contract administration for the remodel of the Lakewood Justice Center.  The Justice Center includes court administration, judge’s chambers, court rooms, jury room, crimes against property, investigations, patrol administration, crime lab, crime history, police, sergeants’ work area, police records, watch commander, holding cells, training classroom and property/control/ storage.

  • Renovation, re-use of equipment, high priority building security



The mechanical design covered the entire building, and included the change-out of all the diffusers, and an entire air balance of the facility. Some modifications were also made to the air handling units.

The renovation reused existing air handling units, compressors and condensers, and boilers; however, recommendations to replace this equipment have been provided to the Owner for consideration in the near future. 

The electrical design generally involved 50% of the building, reworking lighting, electrical power, sub-distribution, and branch circuits.  Specialized law enforcement equipment such as finger printing, photography, evidence storage, etc. were provisioned for.  Building security was of major importance.  Coordination of this equipment with User Groups ensured that the elevated security requirements of the Police Department were met.

The project was bid with five alternates, and construction was accomplished in six phases.

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