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Colorado State University Laurel Village Revitalization

$64M | 125,000 SF

Renovation and expansion of Colorado State University’s Lory Student Center—this project revitalized the food court, study lounges, and bar (adding a micro-brewery and brewing classrooms).

  • (Addition of micro-brewery, brewing classrooms and a ballroom, revitalized food court and study areas, renovation encompassed three-quarters of the building)



Cator, Ruma & Associates was selected to provide the mechanical and electrical design and construction administration for this renovation and expansion of the existing Lory Student Center. Approximately three-quarters of the building was affected by this remodel, including the food court, ballrooms, study lounges, bar, and administrative offices. Remodeled venues within the food court included Carl’s Jr., Panda Express, Sweet Sensations, and Subway, among others. An additional ballroom was constructed, expanding to four (4) large interconnected ballrooms. Along with revitalizing the bar, a micro-brewery and brewing classroom were added. Specialized game room spaces were added near the bar.

The mechanical systems include VAV air handling with evaporative cooling and chilled water cooling from the campus district cooling loop. Heating is provided by hot water heat converted from campus steam. A unique energy savings feature is a process cooling system that re-uses the return chilled water to create process cooling water of 60 – 65°F for the water cooled freezers and coolers. This increases the building Delta-T to improve the campus chilled water system efficiency without any additional flow.

Lighting and lighting controls design for the food court was also provided. The lighting design consists of a variety of energy efficient fluorescent luminaires designed to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for patrons. The lighting within the food court area is controlled through a relay-based lighting control panel. Electrical distribution equipment was provided for new food service vendor spaces. General power, data connectivity and fire alarm systems were provided throughout the space as required by the prevailing Codes and to meet the Owner’s needs. This project was completed on time and on budget.

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